Sunday, August 5, 2012

Silent Majority - It's Our Turn To Vote!

NEW REVISION: 10/15/2013
Well another election is coming soon- time to change things. The peckerwoods in DC have finally done it. I'm voting against my incumbent in Congress. I can't wait to do the same for Senators Warner and Kaine at the next election You see, the powers in Congress, Democrats and Republicans, ignore what needs to be done to right this sinking ship and are interested only in feathering their nests!. Let them go back to their home state and make an honest living for a few years. The most dangerous members are the ones with the most seniority. Here in Virginia, our senators have little seniority but can freely trade their votes for  paybacks later. In other states with more senior members, you, the local citizens can get the job done. Those half-wits in DC, including our Pied Piper President and Congress, have no sense of what's going on in the real world. As long as they get their exorbitant perks, they could care less for us as taxpayers.

Let's deliver a message. Less than half of us pay taxes. The days of a free ride on the weary backs of a few citizens is over!

Everyone should pay some taxes, especially those with their hands out - the TAKERS!  If you are naive enough to believe the present administration is going to help you - "the middle class," you should read the fine print. Remember Robin Hood's mantra, "Take from the rich and give to the poor." The only ones left with savings or a modest estate, (us), will be the donors. Guess who's going to end up with our life savings? In addition, we will be so fortunate to have most people of little or no ambition sitting at home feasting on welfare, figuring out how to get the more off our back. Don't get me wrong, the true needy should get help-as needed.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Green Revolution or False Hopes ?

The Wall Street Journal is an excellent source for news. Solar and wind energy are inefficient, expensive, and a waste of money. I see no evidence that either are efficient, by any stretch of the imagination. Instead they are "dreamchildren" of enviromentalists who hope to replace coal and oil. Only nuclear power is more efficient. I define EFFICIENCY as more return for dollars spent. Solar panel production as well as covering our land and seascape with windmills is a pure waste. Where are the professional scientists who will step up to the plate and vanquish this hoax?

Natural gas is a plentiful, cleaner burning, much more efficient source for energy production. Am I the only voice crying in the wilderness? My scientific skills are limited, but my common sense has provided me with the tools to read, examine, research, and come to conclusions that seem accurate.

A suggestion-let's pick one member of our U. S. Congress in each state to defeat along with the current resident of the WH. The silent majority has been silent far too long. Like others, let's block vote and make some changes. Stand tall,or this may be the last Greatess Generation of our wonderful country. God Bless America is not politically incorrect as some toads would insist.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I was almost a Valentine! Born Feb. 15, 1936

I had hoped to remove an old post or two, but still feel strongly about them. I think they'll stand the test of time. Still read plenty-even bought a Nook to take to my regular visits to doctors' offices. Most every week I go in for tune up or two: family doctor, chiropractor, dentist, massage, hearing aid lab or for an occasional x-ray. Still feel OK, able to get around. Moving across rough ground, I'm a little wobbly. Nowadays a foot race lasts abound five steps and to an observer- it's hilarous! Had cataracts removed, lens replaced- no glasses now. Just have to remember to wear safety glasses when I go out to my shop to putter. My pistol shooting is shakey, but at five steps I can surely nail a bad guy. I have pretty much given up hunting. I have some vertigo and can't find anyone to hunt with me when I'm carrying a loaded shotgun! Still lots of fun shooting my 22's at targets and tin cans. I daily count my blessings having wife Emilie as my lifetime partner. Over fifty years together and we're still civil to each other. I learned long ago who wears the pants in our family. It's scarey sometimes the way she looks at me like she can read my mind. At these times must concentrate on trees, clouds, and other things instead of unnamed items.It's trying to snow outside now-been a mild winter, but cold enough to break the bank on heating oil bills. Remember, "EVERY DAY IS A GIFT!"

I hope you have enjoyed my blogs and if you wish e-mail me

Thursday, August 25, 2011


We here in Virginia have a one term governor. So, one has no need to campaign for a second term. Since most elected officials spend most of their time and energy running for another term and all the great fringes that go with it, why not limit them to one term? Six years sounds about right. Then we stagger the elections to stand for one third at a time so the newbies can't do but so much damage, if they are so inclined. All fringes should be identical to a typical corporate plan, including social security, and health insurance. No 100% retirement for anyone. Senators and
Congressmen deserve no more than the forty percent of us who are now our only taxpayers. Everyone should pay some taxes. The poor could pay $20 a year and they might appreciate their gifts more.

Our president is determined to " Take from the rich and give to the poor." So, if you are making a modest salary, trying to spend your money wisely and hopefully save a little - you're a prime target. Yes, he's coming to take as much as he can to make us into his model as a socialist country. Whether you work or not you get the same size piece of the pie as the person who spends 40 hours a week trying to make a decent living. The present gentleman cares very little for the America way we all have loved and worked to perfect. I hope you will try to work through the media blitz, and "separate the wheat from the chaff " to get us a leader who MAY save our country in 2012. This maybe our last chance. Let's not drown following the Pied Piper-making the same mistake twice, into a disaster for our country.

The Presidency could use a fixed term also. The situation in DC is a mess, part of which we, the good citizens, helped create by demanding services we well could have done without or voluntered to fill the gaps.

Let's follow othe groups, vote as a solid block, to save our great country. It's our only and maybe the last opportunity to save our great heritage.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm Back

I've left my older blogs on because I think they are timeless, carry important messages and need to be published in this time of "political correctness", which I think is often used as someones agenda to brainwash the logical and straight thinking of sensible people. Generally, I consider "politically correctness" should be assigned the same level as a sewer rat!

A WORD OF CAUTION: WHEN YOU'RE DEALING WITH SOMEONE-ASK YOURSELF- IS THERE A CONFLICT OR POTENTIAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST HERE? Most people tend to look after their interests first, so if your's comes second-button your pocket book and find someone else to help you . Thank you for visiting. WGT

Monday, September 6, 2010


This is a small paperback, about my life. Born in 1936, growing up during WW II on a farm here in Virginia, my time on this earth has been challenging, exciting and full of wonderful experiences. My college English(composition) teacher must be turning over in her grave, I was a "C" student - I have managed to write and communicate in an uncomplicated way.

The book i$17.50 total, if mailed. My address: W. Guy Townsend 661 Richmond Tapp Hwy Manquin, VA 23106. E-mail:


I am open to suggestions. My skin is thick enough to take criticism-good and bad! But please, think about what great things lie ahead for our next generations. Offer positive thoughts. Goodness knows negative inputs help no one. My e-mail: